Types Of Digital Marketing
What is Digital Marketing And Types Of Digital Marketing

To state it in simple words, it is online marketing where your brand is promoted using the internet and digital communication. In Digital marketing, the marketer uses the internet and electronic devices to promote a brand to potential customers. Digital marketing is the up-market technique and fetches a generous ROI. According to studies, Google search

benefits of social media for marketing | Is Social Media Marketing Important
7 Key Benefits Of Social Media For Marketing Your Business

Social media is the new pool of opportunities that marketers are targeting nowadays. With Billions of active users every day, it is an opportunity no marketer would want to let go; and as a matter of fact, over 90% of the marketers are using social media as a part of their marketing strategy. This blog

Instagram ads | Instagram for Advertising
Cost Of Instagram Ads And Must Know Benefits Of Using Instagram For Advertising

Social media marketing is a new and trending means to reach an audience. And among these popular means, with over 1.386 billion users Instagram is the fourth most used social media platform in the world. According to studies, an average of 27% of users say they find new products and brands through paid social ads,