Useful Ways to Make Your Website SEO Friendly Before You Hire an SEO Firm

Useful Ways to Make Your Website SEO Friendly Website architecture has been a center of attention for SEOs for a long time now, however over the past few years; it’s become even more significant. That’s because architecture is the base of the entire website. It affects both how visitors interact with your website and whether

email marketing
Why Email marketing and SMS marketing is Important? Tips to do Email Marketing!

When internet was launched everybody loved email. Now after couple of decades despite the mountains of unsolicited spams , more than 2.5 billion people use email worldwide. Email is popular, approx 196 billion emails are sent daily in the world out of which around 109 billion emails are business email. Email marketing is vibrant and

Mobilegeddon Impact of Google’s Mobile Friendly Update
Mobilegeddon: Impact of Google’s Mobile Friendly Update

Finally rolled out on 21st of April 2015. Marketers and users using SEO to drive traffic surely know the hype of the build-up to the algorithm update predicted to impact more sites than Panda and Penguin algorithms’. Web sites which aren’t optimized for mobile’s smaller screens Google’s algorithm downgrade the rank of those sites in

The Google “Phantom” Algorithm Update Hits Websites

Google Phantom Algorithm Update After Google's "Mobilegeddon" update, another update has come called "Phantom 2" in a blog post, because it's the second significant unnamed update in two years. This update only affects low quality pages that have low rankings, not the entire domain and has less to do with the content on the sites, and more to do with

How Digital Economy is Changing the Future of Business?

As the world is moving towards the digital age, there are many changes towards which the same world is plunging into. These changes are for good and bad both but it is we to decide whether the digital advances and alterations really do impact us as an individual even if it brings changes to the

Twitter, Pinterest, or Snapchat…Which Social Media Company Should Google Buy?

Google is the father of all inventions in today’s world. No one can complete his studies today without taking the help of Google and referring to notes in the Google drive or transferring e-books through your Gmail accounts. So what? So Google is everywhere and Google wants to expand. It wants to get the growth

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15 Useful Google Chrome Extensions That Will Make Your Life Easier

Gone were the days when browser only meant internet explorer. To browse and search one used to click at the tiny symbol of e in blue color at the bottom of taskbar or desktop. Earlier the market share of Internet explorer was gigantic however, the errors and delayed response was not liked by users. Afterwards

How to Improve Alexa Ranking?

Actionable Analytics for the web i.e. Alexa is a buzzword in the virtual world. A site’s visibility parameter is judged by Alexa, it helps you to know “how much popular is your website”, “what is its global rank” and it also illustrates the engagement of visitors on your website. So, it basically provides insights from

Pinterest For Keyword Research
Using Pinterest For Keyword Research

One of the foundations of good SEO is making sure your site content is relevant to what you offer and that this content is optimized to use the same language commonly used by consumers. For example, most outfitters would be advised to develop content and optimize around their stock of cowboy boots rather than referring

What is Domain Authority? How we can Increase Domain Authority?

You finalized domain and working hard to carve the name of your domain and then you must be worried about Domain authority. Let us first know the definition of Domain Authority. What is Domain Authority? It is a logarithmic calculation which defines the score of your domain, a concept began by SEOMoz, and with the