Digital Marketing Day India 2019
Digital Marketing Day In India

There was a time when we used to go to places to buy things, but nowadays the trend has changed. It goes likes this, find your product online, add it to cart and boom within days it is delivered to you. Hence to celebrate the advancement of technology and traditional marketing we marked, December 16th,

Pinterest For Keyword Research
Using Pinterest For Keyword Research

One of the foundations of good SEO is making sure your site content is relevant to what you offer and that this content is optimized to use the same language commonly used by consumers. For example, most outfitters would be advised to develop content and optimize around their stock of cowboy boots rather than referring

seo vs google adwords
SEO vs Google Ads: Which is Right for your business?

SEO and Google Ads are the main part of Search Engine Marketing. In today's competitive world every company aspires to be on the first page of Google. Being on the first page of Google can boost company's sales, as first page position leads to more business inquiries. Two of the traditional methods to achieve this

difference between amp and pwa
What is the Difference between AMP and PWA

Accelerated Mobile Pages vs Progressive Web Apps AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are scripts developed to help the website to load as fast as possible on mobile devices. This can be done by restricting all irrelevant scripts and JavaScripts from hogging data speed. News websites and data publication websites generally use it. Let us look at

website speed optimization
Improve your Conversion Rate with a Faster Website

How often do we stay on a website that takes a longer time to load? A fast loading site engages more user traffic as compared to its slower competitor. As more than 60% of users access the internet via their mobile phones, nobody wants to surf a page that takes about 10 seconds to load.