email marketing
Why Email marketing and SMS marketing is Important? Tips to do Email Marketing!

When internet was launched everybody loved email. Now after couple of decades despite the mountains of unsolicited spams , more than 2.5 billion people use email worldwide. Email is popular, approx 196 billion emails are sent daily in the world out of which around 109 billion emails are business email. Email marketing is vibrant and

Mobilegeddon Impact of Google’s Mobile Friendly Update
Mobilegeddon: Impact of Google’s Mobile Friendly Update

Finally rolled out on 21st of April 2015. Marketers and users using SEO to drive traffic surely know the hype of the build-up to the algorithm update predicted to impact more sites than Panda and Penguin algorithms’. Web sites which aren’t optimized for mobile’s smaller screens Google’s algorithm downgrade the rank of those sites in

How to Drive Potential Traffic to your Website
11 Useful tips to Drive Potential traffic to your Website

When promoting a website we are working in virtual universe promoting virtual space. Driving traffic is key to the success of any online business. However getting noticed and attracting traffic can be very tricky at times. With long tail of websites flooding the web, many strive to get people to pay them a visit. The

Google update - phantom
The Google “Phantom” Algorithm Update Hits Websites

Google Update Phantom Algorithm After Google's "Mobilegeddon" update, another update has come called "Phantom 2" in a blog post, because it's the second significant unnamed update in two years. This update only affects low quality pages that have low rankings, not the entire domain and has less to do with the content on the sites, and more to do with

Reasons: Organic Search Is Better than Paid Advertisement

In real world as honesty will still stay and survive, so the organic search in the virtual world will triumph the success of your product. What is the definition of Organic Search and Paid Search? When keyword is searched and “natural results” are found i.e. the organic search. Relevancy factor increases the search results via

digital marketing
SEO Play A Great Role In Making Digital Marketing Blueprint

Conceptualize a state of affairs where a sales outlet having an absolute zero notation onto it, nothing isolated. You step inside out of idiosyncrasy looking for product X in contrast the outlet is selling product Y. On the contrary when an outlet having an out-and-out name, product image and other details representing the business on

google penguin 4.0
Google Penguin 4.0, The real-time Penguin algorithm

Penguin is a filter designed by Google to encapsulate websites that are spamming google search results. Penguin was first introduced in 2012 with the aspiration of targeting Black Hat Webspam and since then it has administered on a periodic basis. Eventually, the provocation behind the update was to forbid those websites which are in contravention

seo tasks and services
Extensive Tasks And Services Involved in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Seo can be baffling if you are not acquainted with it, even if you are proficient about Seo it can be a long time affirmation. Because of the meticulous algorithm and pattern google uses, it is laborious for dodges to be used that can distort the search results. SEO will snaffle your website resultantly to

seo vs google adwords
SEO vs Google Ads: Which is Right for your business?

SEO and Google Ads are the main part of Search Engine Marketing. In today's competitive world every company aspires to be on the first page of Google. Being on the first page of Google can boost company's sales, as first page position leads to more business inquiries. Two of the traditional methods to achieve this

SEO and SEM Strategies
How to Create SEO and SEM Strategies

Two very Essential Techniques for Online Marketing SEO and SEM are often seen as two separate entities, but the fact is they are interdependent and work together as one single unit for your content. Using these two techniques together will improve your SERP results and also it’s visibility on the internet. First, let us discuss