Instagram Advertising | Cost | Formats | Reach
Guide To Instagram Advertising | Formats | Reach | Costs

It has long been known that those who advertise their products and services on social channels have a greater chance of success. Nowhere can you reach your target group better and more directly than through social channels like Instagram. This works through targeted content marketing, and also through paid advertising campaigns. But how much do

Social Media
How Social Media Marketing Impacts Your Business?

Social Media Marketing subjugated the business world and is on the verge to be the next big thing in virtual world. The traditional methods used for marketing such as giving Ads in the Newspaper, Magazines , Radio and Television is not enough to grow your business. . Social media impacts all the business of the

How Facebook Is Helpful For Small Business?

Every business owners want their business to thrive in the social media platform, but they stretched pretty thin in terms of budget. 80 percent of small business owners use social media platforms such as Facebook for monitoring and collecting information about their audiences and competitors. One-quarter of Small Businesses have unified social networking into their

twitter for small business
The Importance of Twitter for Small Businesses

Although communicating in 140 characters may not sound convincing but with about 200 million users sending out the same number of Microblogs (approximately) every day, Twitter is assuredly a powerful channel for communication and Business. Twitter is not just another social networking site and is not just for teenagers or celebrities expressing by tweeting about

30 Free Ways To Increase Your Facebook Page Likes

There are now an estimated 40 million small businesses using Facebook to promote their brand and connect with their customers. If you’re managing marketing for one of these businesses, you already know how hard it is to attract new “likes” to your page. But while it can be a challenge to increase your page likes, making the

Facebook’s campaign to ‘save’ Free Basics in India draws flak

Facebook has started a campaign asking its 125 million Indian users to send an email in support of its controversial Free Basics platform, which was previously known as as Internet.org. From today morning, Facebook users started getting notifications from friends urging them to send a pre-written message to India's telecom regulator TRAI to 'save' Free

Digital Marketing June 2018 Updates
7 Digital Marketing Updates in June 2018 that will Blow your Mind

Digital Marketing Updates in June 2018 Here are the list of 7 crucial Digital Marketing updates that every digital marketers should know, that happened in June 2018. From Google to Facebook to Instagram, all social media have some updates that can be crucial for any digital marketer. You should not ignore the following updates if

SEO and SEM Strategies
How to Create SEO and SEM Strategies

Two very Essential Techniques for Online Marketing SEO and SEM are often seen as two separate entities, but the fact is they are interdependent and work together as one single unit for your content. Using these two techniques together will improve your SERP results and also it’s visibility on the internet. First, let us discuss

Why Social Media Marketing is Important?

Importance of Using SMM- A Business Strategy Social media traffic is one of the essential metrics that help boost business to the next level. Social Media Marketing is one of the famous words in recent times, and it also helps make content visible to most potential customers. SMM does a variety of things to optimize

Best Social Media Platforms For Businesses 2019

Today no one can ignore the power of social media platforms and their reach. Almost every business whether its small or big can use social media platforms to increase their website traffic, leads and brand visibility. According to the expert case study, every successful portal/website has more than 30% of traffic from social media platforms.