Every business owners want their business to thrive in the social media platform, but they stretched pretty thin in terms of budget. 80 percent of small business owners use social media platforms such as Facebook for monitoring and collecting information about their audiences and competitors. One-quarter of Small Businesses have unified social networking into their business model, 53 percent use it as a customer service and engagement tool and one in five business owners spend at least an hour each day on social media. Social media such as Facebook has revolutionized businesses marketing for brands of all shapes and sizes, and SMBs are no exception.

 These fundamentals will set you up for success on social media platforms. You can also focus your activity on Facebook to meet specific business goals.

Establishes another outpost for your business on the Facebook

 Creating a Fan Page on Facebook provides your business and brands with another branding outpost on the Web where prospects, customers, future employees, vendors, and even the media can find information about your company and the products and services you offer. People need not be logged into Facebook to view a business’s or brand’s Fan Page, so even more people have access to the information you post.

Facebook Fan Pages Drives Traffic to Your Website

 Fan Pages do not have restrictions on driving Facebook traffic to websites.Facebook encourages you to link to your website from your business’s Fan Page, which ultimately increase the audiences of your website. Wheeling even a small-scale portion of Facebook’s huge amount of daily traffic to your website could significantly improve the amount of qualified visit of members to your site. Promote your Fan Page and Website and you will ultimately turn your members into fans, Fans into customers.

Improves your SEO

 Your Facebook Fan Page content has the potential to generate favorable search engine results for your business and brand. By linking your Fan Page to your website, you can leverage Social Search to drive even more Facebook traffic back to your site.Make sure you keep your content high on Quality than Quantity.

Facebook allows you to engage with your community easily

A Facebook Fan Page provides a free alternative to implementing customer engagement on your site. In no time, you can have a branded Fan Page where customers and other brand promoters can post to your Facebook Wall, share photos and video. They can ask and answer questions, and interact with you. Rather than monitoring discussion forums or message boards on your domain, creating a Fan Page with a discussion tab is easier.

Connects you and your team directly to your customers and fans

 A Fan Page gives you a direct pipeline to your Fans and customers. You can message your Fans all at once or target discrete or groups by country, state, city, gender, and age range.

 You can even schedule special events or promotions and then send invitations to only those Fans who live nearby the town where the event is scheduled to take place. All these Things are available free for any business on Facebook.

Strengthens owner and customer relations

 You can appreciably deepen your relationships with your customers by connecting with them in a social platform rather than a business setting and not selling. 90 percent of the customers expect the businesses and organizations they deal with to have a Facebook Fan Page whether they may or may not shop on that page

Listening and observing has the potential to improve your business

 In a social platform like Facebook, customers and prospects are likely to share information with you and others about products and services they like. They also share the good and bad experiences they have had with your business or your competitors. They speak honestly about their unfulfilled needs. Every time a Fan interacts with you on your, you are presented with a wealth of information.

Still not satisfied a Facebook Fan Page is worth setting up?

 Then analyze the opponents. Even if only one of your competitors launches a successful Fan Page, that opponent can approach the market on Facebook and develop a following long before you do. Stake your free claim early to place your business as the industry leader before the competition has a hit.

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