In real world as honesty will still stay and survive, so the organic search in the virtual world will triumph the success of your product.

What is the definition of Organic Search and Paid Search?

When keyword is searched and “natural results” are found i.e. the organic search. Relevancy factor increases the search results via organic search. Paid search is basically an advertisement which reflects it is “paid” to reflect the webpages for certain keywords.

How organic search is way ahead of paid search?

Trust and Creditability doesn’t glorify as words in books only, they will stay forever in every field. Marketing will not be unnoticed, as it has become the most important segment of any brand. From Movies to Market, every success story is now defined by marketing tactics. This thought compel mind that paid advertisement will rule the market; however, paid search will not reach the statue of organic search as it lacks these two prominent factors.

Organic Search is like a common fruit which is available throughout the year and easy to eat, enrich with nutrients, and yields profit in a substantial manner and it will stay in the market forever. However, paid search is like seasonal fruit, available for shorter duration, enrich with nutrients, however available to one who can afford, is eye-catchy and profitable.

So through Organic search we can have a cost-effective, evergreen and top-ranking website.

The trust factor is the cherry on the top of cake; it provides you with an excellent return on investment. A direct traffic from search engine will boost the website without “spending monies”.

Communication via content will engage the customers to your website and SEO will only help to excel in the market in coming future. It may take few inputs more than the paid one, however the end result will be fruitful. Resources invested in it will pay in the end.

Organic search will deliver relevant traffic, will develop the long-term clients. With a valuable experience one can reach the masses and can create impressions on the mind.

So, the combination of organic and paid search is the “Deadly combo”, however it is a fact that “ORGANIC SEARCH” will be the future weapon in the virtual world.

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