Remove Bad Reviews From Google

Google continues to dominate the Search engine market. It has always been the declared goal of Google to provide its users with the best possible search results for their inquiries and Google is constantly developing its search engine accordingly. We’ll show you How to remove bad reviews from Google and what you can do to address unethical third-party reviews.


If you search for a specific company name, the one that appears to the right of the search results is a clear summary of all the important information about the company you are looking for, including photos, address, contact details and opening hours.

In addition, you can see all Google ratings (1 to 5 stars) and reviews that the company received from customers and business partners. The same information is also displayed in the company search result on Google Maps provided that a corresponding entry has already been created there.

The impact of these evaluations should not be underestimated. In a study conducted by GFK, as many as 66.4 percent of those surveyed, base their decisions on online reviews. 31.9 percent say that reviews have a strong influence on them. Hence. making it quiet important to remove bad reviews from Google.

In the meantime, reviews in search engines and on comparison portals are regarded as almost as important as direct recommendations from friends and acquaintances. Positive Google ratings are therefore an important factor for your company’s image and sales.

Its Important to Remove Bad Reviews From Google

Negative Google Ratings = Business Risk

Good reviews have a positive impact on your business but it also means that bad reviews negatively impact your business. Bad reviews not only deters potential customers but also affect your ranking on Google.

Most of the dissatisfied or angry customers report their experiences on the Internet. And because positive ratings are often given less credibility than negative criticism because they can be bought from dubious service providers, the risk of negative reviews should not be underestimated.

Negative opinions about your products and services are published from time to time and it is not the biggest problem because no business is perfect.

The real risk originates from the fact that basically, every user with a free Google account can publish a review of your business, regardless of whether the user has ever actually had anything to do with your company or not.

The reviewer can also disseminate his opinion completely anonymously, for example by giving a wrong name and foregoing a profile picture. Google does not check the identity of its users and cannot understand whether and how they interacted with your company.

Now you may be wondering whether you can not simply deactivate the rating function in your company profile. This is not possible and would also contradict Google’s concern to inform its users as best as possible.

Deleting your Google account also does not prevent bad reviews: because once it has been created, a company profile remains in the search results. By deleting your account you only lose control over it. So your only chance is to change or delete the unwanted rating.

Best Ways To Remove Bad Reviews From Google

Don’t know how to Remove Bad Reviews From Google ? Let us help you with that. We will share how the process of review elimination should proceed.

Respond to the Google review

At first, as a service-oriented entrepreneur, you should always try to get in touch with the reviewer. You can write a comment for this directly under the user’s rating. Make sure you always stay friendly and factual. Apologize for any errors and discrepancies and seek a common solution to the problem at hand. Show regret, but don’t be blackmailed. You may be able to convince the user to change his rating if they are satisfied.

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Connect with Google

Google seems to have recognized that it has to take the interests of users seriously to avoid complaints and legal disputes. If you do not agree with a Google rating, the service provider, therefore, offers you various points of contact like phone and chat support.


How to remove google review – Steps:

1. Log in to your Google Account in question.
2. Open: https://www.google.com/maps/
3. Click on Menu in the top left of the search field and then select the item MY POSTS
4. Now click on REVIEWS
5. Select the rating you want to delete and click on the three dots to the right, then click on DELETE REVIEW and finally confirm the deletion.

Deleting inappropriate or even false Google rating can be a challenge, but not impossible. Prevention is always better than aftercare. By providing helpful customer service and efficient complaint management, you can minimize the number of negative reviews right away.

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