The Google “Phantom” Algorithm Update Hits Websites


Google Update Phantom Algorithm

After Google’s “Mobilegeddon” update, another update has come called “Phantom 2” in a blog post, because it’s the second significant unnamed update in two years. This update only affects low quality pages that have low rankings, not the entire domain and has less to do with the content on the sites, and more to do with how the sites functions.

Lost Traffic and Gained Traffic in Phantom Update

Following list highlighted a few sites that were impacted and others that weren’t. While Google said that this wasn’t a Panda update, in my very small sample list, it does seem like sites that have had Panda issues tended to do poorly with this update.

Lost Traffic in Latest Google Update:

Gained Traffic in Latest Google Update

Our Thought

Again, I’m truly sorry to the readers that have been affected by this update. We are feeling it as well. We will continue to do our best to get eNest in Google’s good graces, and hopefully reduce the volatility while we raise the quality of our site. As most people know at eNest, we have put a considerable amount of resources into aggressively editing the highest traffic pages to improve the site for the vast majority of readers.

Sadly, we don’t have any specific advice to give you outside of Google continues to make algorithmic changes to improve the quality of their search results. At the same time we have been no indexing a tremendous number of pages. The hope is we can raise our overall quality to escape Panda once and for all. We will continue these efforts. We will keep focusing on building our website better.

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