Why Email marketing and SMS marketing is Important? Tips to do Email Marketing!

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When internet was launched everybody loved email. Now after couple of decades despite the mountains of unsolicited spams , more than 2.5 billion people use email worldwide. Email is popular, approx 196 billion emails are sent daily in the world out of which around 109 billion emails are business email.

Email marketing is vibrant and powerful and whatever you think about email marketing, the fact is that it can head to higher lead conversions, increased sales and brand awareness for your business.

Similarly, SMS is becoming an increasingly necessary part of successful multi-channel marketing.SMS inclined to be a more versatile communication tool. SMS marketing gives business owners the accelerating ability to reach every customer on their list immediately , informing them of specials and promotions which will drive large mass of traffic, in under minutes, to enact an action, whether that action is coming in for dinner, signing up for an email, or something else.

There are numerous reasons why email marketing and SMS marketing is important for your business.

Useful tips to do Email Marketing!

  1. Email is an easy way to Approach Mobile Customers.

One of the reason email marketing is useful for business owners is that it’s a simple way to start approaching the customers on mobile without expending a lot in new technology or software. Email marketing also works with other mobile devices. Emails is free for the customer and has far more space for content, allowing for better marketing pieces.

  1. It’s an Effective way to Keep Customers Informed.

Email marketing is not done because it’s easy for marketers. The strategy is very persuasive at helping business owners and customers stay connected. Customers often seek out marketing campaigns from their best-liked brands and local stores. It can be used as a way to deliver content to consumers. Email marketing makes easy to staying connected to customers and adds a real value in it. .

  1. It’s easy to Customize and Integrate into Other Marketing Strategies.

Another reason marketers should keep this strategy in their marketing toolbox is the versatility of email marketing. Email marketing messages can range from simple to complex. Emails can be personalized in various ways like: – to include the name of the user and even more. It is an important part of any integrated marketing campaign.

  1. Email Marketing is Economical.

The best reason to use email marketing: It’s simple, persuasive, and inexpensive. Email marketing let business holders to reach a large quantity of customers at a rate of pennies per message. This makes it a better choice for small-business owners on a budget, than traditional marketing channels like TV, radio, or direct mail. Email may be an old strategy, but it remains a required one.

SMS Marketing

  1. It’s a straight and immediate strategy.

SMS is one of the most immediate marketing strategy; with a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes delivery, you can be assured that your send SMS will be read almost immediately.

  1. It can assist and integrate with other channels

It is necessary that all channels work effectively together within the marketing mediums and SMS is no exception. SMS is a great adaptive channel and it also has the ability to strengthen and support other marketing mediums, such as social media and email.

  1. You can know further about your customers

SMS is an excellent medium to get feedback from your customers via surveys. On average 31% of customers will reply to a survey via SMS with the average response time for users being just over 5 minutes. This means you can get great results in a short period of time.

  1. You can improve customer engagement

Business marketers should remember to differ the type of content they send out – while customers may appreciate updates and news on upcoming developments within the brand, this information is ideally delivered through email where longer, very creative messaging is more appropriate.

Email marketing is great way to reach out to your customers. Here are some tips to do email marketing that you should keep in mind:

Build it easy to subscribe: Post a signup form on your Home page, Facebook page, Blog and other active social media pages and ask your customers to fill the signup form.
A too long subscribe form can drive people off, so try to make it short.

Inform subscribers what to await for: Whether you are sending company updates or daily deals, weekly tips or a letter from president, you should always inform your customers what and how often to expect it.

Your data should be relevant: whenever you are sending an email, you should make sure you are using simple data points and sending the target communications. Make sure you are using different data every time as; customers are looking for something new and different information.

Avoid spamming:  The biggest hurdle in the way of a effective email marketing is the spam filters. They do get the easy and affordable response but people dislike this tactic and it destroys the loyalty of the customer.

Maintain the email list of the customers: In order to make your email marketing successful and effective you need to maintain a proper and well-searched email list for customers for your marketing campaign.

Make it easy to read: Instead of sending it like a long passage, break the email in short paragraphs. Make it short, crisp and clear for the customers so that you can have their undivided attention. Your content should be to the point and easy to understand.

Different segment of people, Different content: Every email newsletter service offers characteristics like groups and sections, which helps the marketers to develop the content relevant to the different groups and segments. You can segment your subscribers also by their activity, e-commerce data etc. Sending relevant data according to the subscribers will keep them engaged and interested.

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