Twitter, Pinterest, or Snapchat…Which Social Media Company Should Google Buy?


Google is the father of all inventions in today’s world. No one can complete his studies today without taking the help of Google and referring to notes in the Google drive or transferring e-books through your Gmail accounts. So what? So Google is everywhere and Google wants to expand. It wants to get the growth which is much awaited and much wanted. This growth can be possible if the company decides to buy a good Social Media Company. This is a tough call though as the names in the list is too long like Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and what not?

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Why and which company can give Google the best kind of positivity it deserves?


Google is deciding to club the experience of shopping with Facebook which includes the retaining of the image that Google has and also to inculcate the attributes of online shopping and social connection through the media of Facebook. Using the Facebook friends the dealings can be shared and spread throughout. This will not only create a huge difference in the experience of shopping but even the payment media which will happen via Facebook or Google portal.


The action oriented marketing is possible with Instagram which makes it a huge hit with more than 300 million users around the globe. Instagram has attracted many live dealers to curb their thirst of online marketing through small videos, images and quotes which has allowed the level of exposure to another dimension altogether. If Google gets a thumbs up with this it can surely develop its own range and its own kind of Social connection plus marketing annexure which will allow ample of dealers and businessmen to flow inside the window of idea which can uplift both the clients and the firm.

Just these two social sites can also be a great revelation for Google, if it succeeds in convincing their thoughts.