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What is Web Crawler and How does it Work?

As an avid internet junkie. You must have heard a word Web Crawler in your life, so what is-a web crawler basically and how does it work.

What is a Web Crawler?

The word Web Crawler also known as Web Spider, it is an Internet Software or we can say a Bot that visits the web pages of different websites by Browsing the internet. The crawler extracts-various information from Web pages and stores them in the Records. The crawlers basically used to gather all the content from the websites to improve searches in a search engine. The process of Crawling means Spidering.

Web Crawlers of Different Search Engines:-

  • Google – GoogleBot
  • Yahoo – SlurpBot
  • Baidu – BaiduSpider
  • Yandex – Yandex Bot
  • Bing – Bing Bot

How does a Web Crawler Works?

A Crawler is an automated Script which means all of its actions are predefined. It is a program that visits different websites and reads their Web pages and other information in order to create entries for a Search Engine Index.

  • Crawling Web Page
  • Analyze Web Page Content
  • Store in the Index
  • Ranking Algorithms
what is web crawler

Web Crawlers And SEO Relation

Web Crawling affects SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) in a very big way. With a major chunk of users using Google, it is important for every website to get indexed by the Google crawlers. It can be done in other ways too, by not using the same content and having many Backlinks on different websites. A lot of Websites have been seen using black hat activities and eventually get blacklisted by Search Engine.


Crawlers are the small bots, which are used for browsing lot of websites and help Search Engines like Google, Baidu, Yandex to get the relevant Data From The Internet.

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