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How Your Website Is Performing?

Website Maintenance Packages

Website maintenance packages can include all Plugin Update, theme update, Hosting Speed management, Minor update on pages, weekly social media post updates, monthly tracking reports, recommended upgradation and opportunities on design and content revisions. Our Website maintenance packages require a minimum six-month contract. Alternatively, website maintenance cost depends on the website or services that you required. website maintenance packagesIf any modification requires in your website(traffic base) or some issue related virus in that case, we also provide hosting to our client which exclude to our website maintenance packages cost.

Our Website Maintenance packages requests will commence within 1 or 2 business days after the request. Website maintenance cost may vary according to website hosting, viruses etc.
a. Project Estimate according tothe type of website.
b. Contract Duration
c. Website Audit
d. Issues on Website
e Issue related To Hosting
f. Other recommendations that could either save time, money or improve performance

Website Maintenance Packages found on the internet usually include services that your website might not require at all. This impacts the Website maintenance cost and you are required to spend more than usual. Our Website maintenance packages only include services that your website requires. This way, the website maintenance cost is reduced and you only pay for the services customised for you. Our website maintenance services ensure that your website is active and updated at all times and website maintenance cost is easy on your pocket.



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