What is the Difference between AMP and PWA

difference between amp and pwa

Accelerated Mobile Pages vs Progressive Web Apps

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are scripts developed to help the website to load as fast as possible on mobile devices. This can be done by restricting all irrelevant scripts and JavaScripts from hogging data speed. News websites and data publication websites generally use it.

Let us look at some of the advantages of using AMP.

  1.    Improves the loading speed because pages are easily cached and instantly loaded.
  2.    Feasible for online advertising as it supports all existing formats of ads.
  3.    Attracts clients and target audience as it enhances and deepens the engagement factor.
  4.    Improves overall speed of your website up to 4 times as the load time of a page reduces to less than 1 second.
  5.    Though it was used for news articles, it has expanded to other verticals of content giving it more scope.
  6.    Publishers of the website have full control over both the business and visual design.

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) on the other hand are web pages which give a feel of mobile apps. It is enhanced to work offline or on low-quality networks. It feels like an app to the user with interactions and navigation that are similar to mobile phone apps because it’s built on the app shell model. It comes with features like periodic background syncs, notifications. Moreover, permits to work even on weak or no internet connections. Almost all big e-commerce websites have PWAs.

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Let us now look at the advantages of PWA.

  1.    Loads the pages faster than average rates and thereby improves customer experience.
  2.    Enhances the conversion rate which is vital to the loading speed of your website.
  3.    Users can scroll 60 frames in one second enabling them to view an buy more products or services at the same time.
  4.    Opens on full screen without any URL bar making the page more useful for both advertisements and displaying products.
  5.    Engages the users with push notifications and periodic background syncs.
  6.    Allows smooth animations and navigation between various pages.
  7.    Users can access your website by a simple click on an icon.
  8.    Can work effectively even on weak internet connections and sometimes no connection at all.
  9.    The website loads instantly in almost less than 5 seconds on re-visits as it is stored in the cache with Application shell.

The use of both AMP and PWA go hand in hand. With these tools, you can significantly improve the speed of your website and reduce the loading time. The reduction in loading time is the reduction in waiting time for your customer and hence proves highly beneficial to your business. By facilitating this speed on both laptops as well as mobile phones, it enables higher leads and conversion rates for your website. They also ensure the safety of mobile searches and the confidentiality of the users.

Which should I choose?

If you are an “HTTPS” website owner, then you need the support of both the technologies to serve your visitors better.

With AMP, users get access to the content quickly while PWA improves user experience and keeps them engaged. Both the new facilities are essential to modern day websites.

The many may tell you that Progressive Web Apps are better than Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP cannot be ignored. This is because, there are thousands of websites that users visit each day, and they store all apps all on their mobile phones. Thus users require websites that load faster. A large number of users abandon websites that take too long to load. Therefore an excellent balance is to be made while investing in AMP and PWA.

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