5 Ways to Use LinkedIn for a Business

Linkedin for a Business

LinkedIn for a Business

More than 30 million organizations use LinkedIn for business. It is not just a social media platform used for hiring talent, with over 690 million active users, brands are using LinkedIn marketing to network, connect, and sell. There are various LinkedIn marketing tools to suit any business size and type. We will show you 5 Ways to Use LinkedIn for a Business, and how to get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Discover five ways to use LinkedIn for a business.

1. Using LinkedIn for Networking

LinkedIn provides your business an opportunity to connect with professionals along with your employees. You basically form a professional network and interact with individuals who are like-minded. As a business, when you create a profile on LinkedIn for a business you create a persona depicting your business and the work you do. It basically helps you connect with relevant audiences, interact with them over some discussions and even participate in groups that are relevant to your business.

2. Publishing Platform 

A business can utilize LinkedIn as a publishing platform by posting business status updates and linking them back to your business website. You can also use LinkedIn as a native publishing platform and create exclusive content for your LinkedIn audience. You can even use LinkedIn for publishing articles for spreading awareness about a certain topic/update and even initiating a discussion driving social engagement; which acts as an opportunity to create brand awareness. Furthermore, LinkedIn also provides analytics for all the posts and articles you publish, making it simple to determine which articles are getting the most traction among your audiences.

3. Online Reputation Management

While building a profile on LinkedIn for a business you need to keep in mind all the aspects of the impression you make on the audiences. What you decide to post on your profile and how you portray yourself as a brand is in your hands; it basically gives you control over the online reputation. 

As a part of reputation management, we highly recommend that you must claim your business page on LinkedIn, keep it updated and make sure it denotes your brand the way you want it. So when your brand name is searched on any search engine, your LinkedIn business profile is going to be one of the results appearing on the first SERP.

4.  Lead generation and conversions

Considering you are connected with the right audience and participating in the groups that are relevant to your business; it is quite easy to create awareness about your offered services/products and generate leads. No matter if you are a small business or a big company, you need to consider the fact that 44% of users on LinkedIn earn more than $75,000 in a year so if you have a product to sell, you’ll find people who can buy on LinkedIn.

Furthermore, 40 million LinkedIn users are in decision-making positions, and therefore have the authority to hire your company for the services or make a company-wide order of your product.

5. Find New Talent

As a business, you will always be in a need to recruit new talent. LinkedIn for a business also acts as a talent acquisition platform, as you can opt-in for suitable LinkedIn recruiter plans. By using these plans you can post job openings, use tools to sort out the relevant candidates, and even send direct messages to the candidates you find relevant to fill the position. So LinkedIn can save you a lot of money which you need to pay to a hiring agency. 

In Conclusion, whether you’re looking to grow your network, manage reputation, scale your business, drive traffic to your website, or find fresh leads; LinkedIn for a business is an extremely useful tool. So how you reap the benefits out of this social media platform is totally up to you and how you plan to utilize it. eNest Services provides the best LinkedIn Marketing Services along with other SMO services to assist you to achieve any of your desired business goals. Simply get in touch to get details on quotes and service details.

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