What is Digital Marketing And Types Of Digital Marketing

types of digital marketing

To state it in simple words, it is online marketing where your brand is promoted using the internet and digital communication. In Digital marketing, the marketer uses the internet and electronic devices to promote a brand to potential customers. Digital marketing is the up-market technique and fetches a generous ROI. According to studies, Google search ads have an ROI of about 200%. Digital Marketing is the new trending way of attaining business goals. But in order to achieve them, we need to understand what it is all about, how it functions, and the major types of Digital Marketing that majority of the marketers are using in general.

Types Of Digital Marketing

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s not just about creating a website and posting your products or services online; your website needs to be found by the users looking for the product or services you are selling. So, SEO is how businesses get their website to show up in these results. It is one of the consistent types of digital marketing as it can generate a steady flow of visitors that are in need of your products or services. Basically, in Search engine optimization (SEO) the marketer structures the business website and its content in a way that your web pages rank at the top of the results against the search terms that are relevant to your business.

  1. Social Media Marketing SMM

In Social media marketing businesses/marketers use social media platforms to attain  audience engagement and find new customers. SMM can be both paid as well as organic; you may publish your content on social media or create paid ads and pay to reach a particular audience. In either of the scenarios, one needs to understand the platform being used along with the demographics of the user base they have on the particular platform. The important part is to choose the platform wisely in accordance with the network of people, before investing time and money. For instance, LinkedIn comprises a professional and more mature user base, so if you are selling toys, you may not be able to engage and convert the audience watching your posts/ads.  

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  1. Pay-per-Click (PPC)

PPC is one of the most commonly used forms of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). As the name itself implies it is a paid form of advertising your website/product. The ranking fundamentals between SEO and SEM are similar, but here the placements of the paid results are over the organic results. If the user clicks on it, the advertisers need to pay for each individual click. Another important factor to know about PPC is that you need to pay on a bid-basis to earn the spot in the paid ads section of SERP(Search engine result page).

  1. Email Marketing

In Email marketing, the advertisers try to grab the attention of their audience through Emails. Here, businesses can then send various types of email messages including promotional offers, educational material, or just general updates. Placing signup forms across your website is the best way to grow your email list and send the emails with the user’s consent. You can embed these forms in your pages, add them to your sidebar, or display them in a popup. 

Many businesses use lead magnets to increase the rate at which people opt-in to sign up for the email list. A lead magnet is a free rebate/coupon/or any other form of benefit that you give to a visitor in exchange for their contact information. For instance, a lead magnet could be a discount code offered to the user for signup, on a future purchase of a product or service.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating valuable content and distributing it among its target audience with an aim to build a connection, and drive prospective customers towards selling their product/service. Content can come in a wide range of forms including blog posts, listicles, videos, social media posts, downloadable resources, and more.

As a marketer one can determine what type of content will best help you reach your goals. For instance, if you want to build brand awareness, it could be a set of posts on social media; similarly, if you want to get leads, it could be done with help of eBooks or how-to blog posts.

  1. Influencer/Affiliate Marketing

Influencer/ Affiliate marketing is the one where third parties/influencers promote your products/services in exchange for a portion of any sales revenue that they bring to the business. Influencers create their own relevant and original content, mentioning, recommending your service/product. If their audience clicks to buy, you pay them for each sale. The most beneficial part of Affiliate Marketing is that you don’t need to build a big audience base, because you will reach the pre-built base built by content producers.

  1. Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones have evolved, their usage from just being used for calling has now advanced to searching information, shopping, and whatnot. Today’s marketers are well aware of the fact and even the research supports that more than 27% of the global population use voice search on mobile to look for information. Hence, mobile marketing is the quiet valued among types of digital marketing, and marketers design, create the promotional content in such a way that it resolves the user’s query along with displaying your product or service.

Hence, marketers have come up with a variety of communication methods including SMS messages, push notifications, in-app advertisements, and more. For instance, if you have a restaurant and your ads are targeting keywords like “local restaurant”; you can use the extension to show your restaurant’s location on a map beneath the ad for nearby people who are searching for a place to eat nearby.

Across the multiple modes in which a business can be digitally marketed, these were few of the most commonly used 7 types of digital marketing methods. There are many different ways you can use digital channels to grow a business. So depending on the nature of your product, services, audience one can opt to go ahead with the type which suits best to meet the goals. All types of digital marketing have their own purpose and goals it meets, so choosing what suits your business is completely up to the goal you wish to accomplish.

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