Best Social Media Platforms For Businesses 2019

Best Social Media Platforms For Businesses 2019

Today no one can ignore the power of social media platforms and their reach. Almost every business whether its small or big can use social media platforms to increase their website traffic, leads and brand visibility. According to the expert case study, every successful portal/website has more than 30% of traffic from social media platforms. These social media platforms are also used to improve the ranking on the various search engines.  As you know all the social media platforms provide no-follow backlinks which is an important factor in SEO. The top social media platforms that you should use to promote your brand are.

1. Facebook

Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest social media platform. With more than 2.23 billion users, it proved that it is the great Social media platform for any business to connect with the larger audience via Facebook Page and Facebook Ads. Facebook pages, Facebook group and Facebook ads are tools that can help the brand to interact with the larger audience and can increase their reach potentially. Facebook ads are on of the most affordable ways of brand promotion. Facebook ads allow you to increase the visibility of your post by paying a few bucks to  Facebook. Facebook ads are one of the trusted methods to promote your product, services or brand.

2. YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine, the second most popular social media platform and the world’s largest video portal.  Video content has a lot of appeals and Google’s search engine optimization on YouTube helps gather the traffic, leads and brand awareness. YouTube is the best platform for brand awareness, you can promote your brand on YouTube by using paid marketing or Informational video. According to the nature of the business, you can utilize this platform according to their needs.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best business networking platform, where you can search your dream job, a business company for collaboration, clients for your business and also you can learn multiple languages and professional courses. LinkedIn allows you to connect with clients, brands, and associates across the country and globally. You can also share your business portfolio, video, PPT, find candidates who are looking for your business and can run business campaigns for your branding and business.

4. Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms where you can share your videos photos and stories. According to your number of follower, Instagram provides you the different feature to the user. Instagram is the best platform for visual content. With more than 1 billion users,  Instagram allows you to promote your brand. Instagram is the best platform for the food industry, fashion industry, entertainment industry, traveling industry, Technology industry, etc. Instagram is also used to generate leads, brand promotion and improve website traffic. You can sell your product or services through organically and paid services.

5. Pinterest

Like Instagram, Pinterest is also a great platform on visual content, but the content on Pinterest is known to get more viral than any other visual content platform.  Pinterest is a better platform to promote your services and product organically as compared to Instagram. Pinterest covers more categories with better engagement, clicks, leads. Pinterest has better SEO results compared to Instagram. On the other hand, Instagram is a much better platform than Pinterest in case of brand awareness. With a large number of audience on Instagram Pinterest is lacking in many other services. In Pinterest, you can enter more detail related to your product or services that help to channelize the business.

Well, its depend on the nature of your business through which you can decide which platform gives you the better result with more visibility but the combination of all the social media platform help you to reach the new height  by optimizing your marketing strategy and way of representation

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