100 Content Marketing Tools: Content Marketing Software to Content Curation

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Elegant marketing professionals identify traditional marketing lost its effectiveness a long time ago. Consumers no longer interact with media & entertainment, in the same way, they used to. Traditional radio broadcasts and cable ads no longer boast the same following they did ten or even five years ago. After bombarding customers with ads on their phones, TVs, billboards, and buses, customers become desensitized, rendering traditional marketing virtually useless.

Content marketing revolutionizes advertising by forcing companies to own their content. Companies must create content to engage customers, rather than run traditional ads between feature presentations. Content marketing solves this issue by subtly introducing the product while fostering a relationship. Since traditional media no longer draws the crowd it used to, the high competition in this area forces companies toward innovative content created for specific platforms.

Thankfully, many social media platforms cater to a diverse group of people. Companies should carefully select social media platforms they are most likely to find their target customers. Building a social media portfolio reflecting this and devising a content strategy to engage with their customers

Below are one hundred tools for turning you and your company into a content marketing guru of the dynamic 2016 market. The list provides you with platforms to scope new customers, as well as tools to track trends and analyze market data.

B2B Content Inspiration and Ideas; Research; Creation and Content Curation; Publishing and More

  1.  BuzzSumo
  2.  Soovle
  3. LinkedIn
  4.  Pearltrees
  5.  Newsle
  6.  Content Marketing Institute
  7.  Quora
  8.  Uberflip
  9.  Grammarly
  10. Prismatic
  11. HubSpot Academy
  12. YouTube
  13. Twitter Counter’s Top 100 Page
  14. Atomic Alley
  15. Storify
  16. Meet Edgar
  17. KISSmetrics
  18. Slideshare
  19. Leadfeeder
  20. Trapit
  21. Zerys
  22. Content Rules
  23. Open Marketing
  24. Listly
  25. Content Marketing World
  26. Inbound Writer
  27. Help a Reporter Out (HARO)
  28. Feedly
  29. Contently
  30. Flockler
  31. SEM Rush
  32. Canva
  33. Recorded Future
  34. Yahoo Answers
  35. Google Plus
  36. Evernote
  37. ARC Engagement Platform
  38. Oktopost
  39. Everything PR
  40. Zeeik
  41. PitchEngine
  42. InnoBlog
  43. CoSchedule
  44. Scribe
  45. Unseenideas
  46. Scoop.it
  47. Skyword
  48. DashThis
  49. Piktochart
  50. Divvhq
  51. Buffer
  52. Over Mobile App
  53. Conferize
  54. OneSpot
  55. ShowHows
  56. Consumer Barometer
  57. Linkdex
  58. PRWeb
  59. Writer Access
  60. B2B Content Engine
  61. Cliché Finder
  62. Flipboard
  63. Compendium
  64. BagtheWeb
  65. Hemingway Editor
  66. ShareAsImage
  67. Stipso
  68. NewsCred
  69. Visual.ly
  70. Shareist
  71. iReach
  72. Resonance Content Marketing
  73. Jing
  74. Word Swag
  75. Percussion Software
  76. Snip.ly
  77. Keyword.io
  78. Viraltag
  79. Gather Content
  80. Curation Station
  81. PageOneCurator
  82. Qzzr
  83. Scripted
  84. Storyful
  85. Betakit
  86. ZenPen
  87. Unsuck-it
  88. Smart Marketing Page
  89. Zemanta
  90. Scrivener
  91. Yahoo! News
  92. Google News
  93. Trello
  94. Silk
  95. Unsplash
  96. Videolicious
  97. Pitching Notes
  98. YouZign
  99. Portent’s Content Idea Generator
  100. Readability Test Tool

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