How to Get Better Online Reviews on Your Site?


Reviews have become an undeniable part of websites. Getting them on your website has become a must process. Any website whether you are providing a service or selling a product, you want new people to take an initiative and try it out. For such initiatives, great reviews work like an irresistible charm.

eCommerce sites with big names have reviews on every product or service they provide. The most of the visitors depend upon those reviews.

Any new customer checks review section to check the credibility of the product. New customers can cross-check the satisfaction of previous customers about the products and services. 30 to 50% online customers depend upon the reviews on the website. They rely highly on a website with great reviews and these reviews guide them to make a purchase. A research states that if the reviews of the website are satisfying then the conversion rate of the business has good chances of doubling up.

Begin to Get Reviews?

It’s not easy to convince your customer to leave reviews on your website. They have purchased your product or service, why would they will be concerned about giving a review. Obviously you need to work towards getting their reviews for your site. You need to request your customer to leave reviews about your product or service on the site.

Before anything, you must understand that your customers fall in three categories:

First: who have loved your product or service!

Second: who have hated it!

Third and last: who are not concerned or confused about the product or service

You need to approach the first category. You certainly don’t want to get negative or dislikable reviews on your site. Having average or bad reviews can put your online business in a big trouble. You have to focus on the customers who have actually loved your product/service.

But the big task is how to convince them to write on your website. First, know which customers are the happy customers. You can contact your customers and find out what they felt about the product/service. Customers, who have a positive response, request them to write a review for you on your site. You can follow up with an email reminder if they haven’t given the review yet. A three or four-star review will do the trick.

Tactics to Get Better Reviews!

(1) Let the customers feel their review is valued

Customers get nothing for leaving a review on your site for your product/service. They have purchased the product and gotten it and that is all they want. Why would they take out their precious time to spend on writing a review for you? You need to provide a bit of personal and sensitive touch in the conversation. You need to make them feel that their time and review is important for you and the other people. You need to make them understand that their review value a lot for you and it is helpful to other people. For this, you can use compelling language like: “We would love to share your experience about the product.” or “You review is not only important to the company but it will help others make better decisions”. It will make them feel valued by you and they will relate that how they looked for reviews before making the purchase.

You need to strike the chords in their minds and they will feel that they can actually help the other visitors.

(2) Don’t hesitate – Be clear about what you want from them

Having a simple review box may not get you the kind of review you want from them. The customers will simply write whatever they want. They may write two words or three and that is certainly not what you wished for. You want a relevant review for your product. The two or three words reviews can be positive, but they may not be relative to your product/service. If you want to get a better review written, you need to put an idea in their mind smartly. You need to prompt your customers to talk about certain aspects of the product. You can ask them some question that can provide an idea of what you want from them.

Under what situation did you buy the product?

Was the product delivered to you on time?

Was the packaging of the product was good?

Are you happy with the product?

Will you buy the product/service again?

By following tactics, you will rise in the online marketing business. You will get a good number of positive reviews on your website. These tactics will definitely make it easy to create goodwill with some great reviews on your website.

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