SEO vs Google Ads: Which is Right for your business?

seo vs google adwords

SEO and Google Ads are the main part of Search Engine Marketing.

In today’s competitive world every company aspires to be on the first page of Google. Being on the first page of Google can boost company’s sales, as first page position leads to more business inquiries. Two of the traditional methods to achieve this goal are : Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Adwords/Google Ads (SEM).

SEO vs Google AdWords/ Google Ads

  • Where SEO is a generic term and is applicable to every search engine, on the other hand, Google Adwords/Google Ads is an advertisement platform for those advertisers who wish to advertise on Google search engine.  
  • SEO results are often termed as organic results as well(because they are more sustainable), whereas google ads results are paid results and involves monetary expenditure to gain spot in google results.  
  • Factors such as – on page optimization, off page optimization, blogging, content creation etc. plays a prominent role. On he other hand Google Ads/ Google Adwords is majorly driven by Quality score, relevance and bid placed for a position.  
  • SEO has a limited reach for keyword expansion because of limited resources in a company. On the other hand, Google Adwords/Google Ads can target higher number of keywords in a smaller time frame(budget at times can act as a restricting parameter).  
  • It is easier to measure the ROI on Google adwords/ Google Ads campaign than the SEO.

Both the activities have their respective pro and cons and shall be used efficiently by a marketing expert.For a longer and sustainable results our vote will go in favor of SEO, however for instant boost/lead/sales generation one should effectively harness the power of Google AdWords/Google Ads.

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