5 Paramount Tips to Increase User Engagement on Website

Tips to Increase User Engag

Creating a good content is always the first priority of almost every website. But what matters the most is the factor if your content alone is capable of fetching the audience and increase user engagement on website. User Engagement is considered as a vital factor in Google Indexing. If you’re engaging more users in your website, more business you’re going to do.

Here are a few crucial practices one should consider to increase user engagement on website

  • Prioritize Quality over Quantity

Create purposive and content with having a good hook keeping your user in mind. User-centric content fetches more engagement as compared to the content you write for search engine perspective. Engage users by asking questions and allow an option for feedback.

According to Hubspot, articles with images get 94% more views than an article without images. That’s a staggering number. Isn’t it?

  • Mobile Friendly Website

Most of the web traffic comes through mobile nowadays. Make sure your website has a mobile-friendly design and all the features are visible to the user. One can opt for Responsive Web Design so that your website design fits the screen aptly.

  • Make your website Interactive

It is important to make your website to increase user engagement on website. Options like live chat and comment section promptly increase engagement. Also, you got to know how your business is performing through customer feedback. A user convenient website generally performs a lot better.

  • Website Speed

With so many options available, the user doesn’t waste time on websites that load slowly. 40% of the users leave a website if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds. There are many factors such as plugins, image size and CSS files affecting your website speed. You can minify these scripts to get a better speed.
Here are few tips to increase website speed.

  • Analyze Data

With Google webmaster and analytics tool, analyze which pages users are entering the most. Analyze the bounce rate and make the changes required to rectify the issues. Prioritize the content getting more views and make the most of them in a certain way that other supporting pages can also take advantage through the most viewed page.

These are some basic tips which one should implement to increase user engagement on website. Let us know the results you observed after executing these practices in the comment box below.

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