What are the different Types of Websites?

types of websites

Since the inception of the World Wide Web, different kinds of websites have come into existence. Earlier, text only websites were used by government agencies for information purpose only. There are various types of websites available to choose from. Based on your business type, you can opt the type of website fits best for your niche.

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Based on Content, These are some popular types of websites you can choose from

1. E-commerce

Commerce websites are the fastest growing category from website designs. People can place orders and make payments from their home only. If you’re looking to sell your goods online, you can definitely consider this category of website design.

2. Blogs and Personal Websites

Blogging has become the new trend in the town. It’s facile to create a blogging or personal website where you can share your daily life or the important moments of your life. You can create knowledge-based blogs so that maximum people can gain knowledge through your blogs.

3. Photo Sharing Websites

These websites allow people to upload their photos and share them across the world. Even you can sell your photographs online. You can create albums and galleries to meet people with similar interests.

4. Business Directory Websites

It’s really an annoying task to turn pages of a massive phone directory to find a business. In this modern age, the Internet facilitates you to look for a business online. One can search in a specific niche, location and industry.

5. Educational Websites

These websites are used by educational institutes offering educational material or information regarding their institution. Some educational websites allow users to buy online study material from their websites whereas some set it for free.

Based on Design, the following are the options to choose from

1. Static Websites

They have a simple design where the content doesn’t change depending on the device or screen. Static Websites are generally designed using HTML code and they are only for information purpose.

2. Dynamic Websites

A dynamic web design displays a different web page every time you visit the page. These sites are updated regularly. Dynamic websites allow websites to generate different content for different users.

3. Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design is currently the best web design. It fits according to the screen. You don’t need to design different web pages for different screens. Responsive web design offers the best website experience to the user.

These are the various types of websites which one can consider while designing a new one. However, you can always contact a web design company to get more ideas.

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