5 Web Design Trends of 2018

web design trends

Complete Guideline For Web Designers

In an era ruled by the Internet, an essential key to survive is update. Updating trends, gadgets, and automobiles have become a routine and explain the social status of a person these days. The web design trends have been the platform for all types of micro and macro services.

Web designing is a booming trend that not only gives numerous opportunities but an immense learning experience. Web designers are one among the most paid people around the globe.

Similar to specific fashion trends ruling the internet, web designing also has unique trends and updates. These trends and update include specific filters, templates, new additions to various tools, illustrations and the overall look and feel.

2017 had various trendsetting advancements and significant trends storm the online platform. Web designing reached peaks and witnessed many new.

Here are the top Web Design Trends of 2018 that every Web Designer should know.

#1. Custom Illustrations and Videos:

Videos are always easy to grasp and register better in people’s minds. People tend to remember more when visual content is shown, better than pages and pages of content.

Similarly, web designers are switching to the trend of visual contents and illustrations. Studies show that the probability of dwell time on pages with images or videos are 5 times more than that of pages with text and editorial contents. People can grasp contents more sooner and easier. Video links, images, and illustrations are web designers current work style.

When images are used to make sure to use fewer studio images. This will not only make the webpage less artificial but also improve the trust factor in people’s mind.

#2. Logos and symbols:

You should have noticed the Google’s ‘Google Doodles’ changing regularly. These doodles portray a specific incident, speciality of the day or any other events or incidents. Likewise, all major web platforms are adopting this method and designing their logos that depict a social message or a riddler. Web designers concentrate more on logo designing and creating innovative ideas symbols and emojis. These current trends rule the internet and have also changed the way messages are being conveyed.

#3. Keeping it simple:

Subtle and simple backgrounds, vibrant colors, increased negative space are the key aspects of the modern websites. Negative space is the space left between the content or around it! It depicts artistic beauty. Using contrast colors but not making it flashy is the key point of today’s trend. Usage of animations is to the point, and unwanted detailing is out of the picture.

#4. Make it visible:

We spoke about decreasing the typography and increasing visual content. However, never compromise on the visibility. Web designers are converting textual content into tools and implementing artworks. Block letters, increased text size, and clear fonts are used.

#5. Print ready content:

The most important and helpful advancement is making the website content print ready. However advance the digital media goes, a handprint version of any content is considered safe. This will also help in improving the online visibility.

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