What is Domain Authority? How we can Increase Domain Authority?

What is Domain Authority

You finalized domain and working hard to carve the name of your domain and then you must be worried about Domain authority. Let us first know the definition of Domain Authority.

What is Domain Authority?

It is a logarithmic calculation which defines the score of your domain, a concept began by SEOMoz, and with the help of this information one can also depict the performance of domain on search engine rankings. In simple terms the more your domain authority ranking, the more traffic and ranking you will achieve. It is the score which is calculated from 1 to 100. It also indicates quality and performance of website on search engines. In a layman terms, it is all about the domain name, its power, popularity, and age.

How can one calculate the domain authority?

There are some tools to calculate your domain authority such as Open Site Explorer or the SEP toolbar called MozBar provided free by the SEOmoz etc.

Few factors on which Domain Authority is calculated

Links from Different Domains: Enhance the number of your website links on various sites (which are already high on the score of domain authority). Also, it is always better to increase the number of links to your domain from unique root domains; a better strong interlinking also helps.

Moz Rank: Moz Rank depends on the link profile of your website. Instead of a large number of backlinks from poor quality sites, it is always better to get few links on good sites. Famous PR blogs, moreover it should be a natural link, the safest way possible is to do guest blogging and commenting.

Content will be the king: Content will rule the website quality, a reader will, of course, want quality content to read. If your website content has quality, uniqueness and carries sufficient word length then it will show the good score on any SEO ranking site of SEO World.

Likes, share and Comment: Well these three things tell that your content is viewed and liked across the virtual world.

Appearance on a search engine: It all depends on SEO if your website fulfills the criteria of a search of the user and your website shows in the search queries than in lieu the domain authority increases.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

To increase domain authority, one needs to take care of the above factors in mind.

No can beat the website if there is quality content on it, avoid duplicate content and make sure it is unique (at least some major percentage).

Gain more links from more sites: Here any random stuff written on any site is not going to bring the quality, a helpful content will attract an audience and in turn will increase your website repo which helps in domain recognition.

Linking should be done smartly, and in an organic way.

User-friendly interlinking with an optimum number of links within a post will enrich the ranking of domain authority.

Off page SEO will always help to bring positive response, there are various methodologies to do that like guest posting, social bookmarking sites, blog commenting etc.

Marketing: You need to do marketing as content marketing is the new field to play in the virtual world. For examples, your marketing will catch the attention of ‘good number of people and more people means more backlinks and likes, comments, share etc.

SMO: Focus has been turned on to social media optimization: Social media gives a wide platform to reach wide network. Increased followers will help in mounting your domain authority.

No doubt a user-friendly website is only going to get attention easily.

TIME: Give some time to your domain, age is a factor in the virtual world too.

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