What is Online Reputation Management?

online reputation management strategies

What is Online Reputation?

When you hire or meet someone new or have a query regarding “new” tangible or intangible stuff, you tend to search information on ‘internet’ and on ‘social media’ related to ‘it’. These days probability that a new customer will search for your company or services online has increased leaps and bounds. The reviews and information on internet about any goods or services or any person, will reflect repute that good or service carry online.

‘What’ beliefs, views and reviews reflects about the products or services online, is it positive or is it negative is a basic definition of online reputation. It depends upon various factors like UI (user interface), your product, customer service and the image your brand have on online platform. Apart from it, fact is, in every organization the customer satisfaction has never been 100%, however, if even  2% of negative reviews will come upfront when there is search engine used for your information and positive feedback and reviews are not highlighted in front page then your online reputation will be at stake.

How to Manage Online Reputation?

To manage and create online reputation, ORM i.e. online reputation management is required which will help you to beat down the negativity if surmounting your brand; it is all about deducing the negative image to minimum visibility or to suppress them completely.

When it comes to a product online a new customer will purchase the product after doing complete research and reading what other customers have written about it. It will surely provide an impact on buyer’s behavior.


Internet is the only platform where you will find all stakeholders, competitors, existing and potential customers online, here your unhappy customers and social media is that uncontrolled weapon which can damage the reputation online. You surely would not like to see reviews which describe an opinion which doesn’t reflect a good image of your brand. So, here online reputation management and monitoring helps, it is all about how you can curb the negative reviews online. It is all about controlling what comes up when someone uses search engine like Google to know about you.

Why should you hire an expert team to handle the clean-up?

Well, to do ORM it is essential to hire an expert team as superficial steps don’t maintain your repute on long term basis. Also, you should hire an expert team to handle the clean-up as online world is not different than real world when it comes to ‘mending’ it is an pivotal profession which needs expert attention, for example when there is an major electric and plumbing issue you call an electrician and plumber. Same way, for the fault which hampers your online and virtual identity, you need either to be an expert or an expert team to handle your concerns. From making your brand visible with positive reviews to maintain and keep it at good level you require a team like eNest Services to manage your online reputation. We have the experienced team which has expertise in ORM. Click here to know more about us.

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