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What is SEO Management?

Anyone who has a website of their own wants to be found via search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, regardless of whether it’s a webshop, news portal or business website. Because hardly a specific search word is usually entered in the search engines mentioned. If a user enters a certain phrase in the search, the search engine then brings out an individual result list with the websites that best match the search terms used. The competition among websites to appear prominently in the search results is extremely high. So high that if you are not on the first page of the search results, you are not there at all.

What are the challenges we have in SEO management? What optimization strategies help you to get best results with the Search Engines? We will answer these questions for you today.


In recent years, search engine optimization has also taken on a second meaning. In classic search engine optimization, a distinction is made between on-page SEO and off-page SEO. You can still differentiate between search engine optimization for the individual verticals in:

 1. Classic SEO

2. Image SEO

3. News SEO

4. Voice Search SEO


The importance of SEO is a category in online marketing that has increased steadily over the past 20 years. This also shows the interest or demand for SEO in the form of an increasing number of search queries.

Why is search engine optimization so important?

Search engine marketing and, in particular, SEO management ensure visible positioning in search engines such as Google. Today, search engines are the linchpin in gathering information from people around the world.

Especially when researching certain topics such as health, product tests and evaluations, science, business, finance, and sports. Search Engines are the most important starting point for getting information.

Search engines like Google play an important role in the first phases of the customer journey. Search engines can be used to address potential customers early in the customer journey during pre-purchase research.

Role of SEO In Spreading Content or Content Distribution.

Much of the search for information is still done on Google and the video search engine YouTube, but product search engines such as Amazon or the digital assistants have grown significantly in recent years. Companies have to think about where their target groups are looking for information or where they can reach them with their content.

The importance of SEO in content distribution cannot be determined in general, since it depends on many factors like the use of touchpoints and their intensity and quality for the content distribution.

Differentiation between tactical & strategic SEO Management

When we talk about SEO management today, we need to work on two levels that work together.

  1. Strategic SEO Management
  2. Tactical SEO Management

At the strategic level creating and managing a digital entity for search Engine in the form of the website maintaining the entity relevance and thus the authority of the domain is called the Strategic SEO management.

Managing content optimization, technical optimization for crawling and indexing, duplicate content avoidance and snippet optimization are carried out on the tactical level which creates a field in itself called Tactical SEO Management.

While search engine optimization used to be more tactical, after the introduction of the knowledge graph, the Hummingbird algorithm, the panda and penguin updates, strategic search engine optimization has clearly become a priority. 

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This is basically what the SEO management expert would do for your online business.

1) Ensure accessibility

2) Snippet optimization, page titles & descriptions

3) Optimization of page speed and loading times

4) Content Optimization

5) Keyword research & analysis

6) Optimize mobile display

7) Link building or link building

8) Broken link optimization

9) Optimization of internal links and information architecture

10) Remove worthless content / URLs

11) Avoid duplicate content

12) Optimizing user behaviour

13) Strategic search engine optimization


There are many factors behind choosing an expert in SEO management instead of doing it yourself but either you do it yourself or outsource it, the focus of SEO must be to ensure that your business goals are achieved through SEO.

Benefits of outsourcing SEO management:

  1. Save Time and Resources
  2. Guaranteed Technical know-how
  3. Professional contacts to expand your business
  4. Quick resolution for daily issues
  5. Cost-effective over time.
  6. No Time constraint
  7. Creativity Boost
  8. Easier and Cheaper Resource Management
  9. Almost Free Website Management
  10. Experience from Multiple Projects

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Another possibility is the combination of both in-house and SEO management agency. For example, the SEO agency could function as a partner for in-house SEO against possible operational blindness or limited experience. Or the agency takes over special disciplines such as link building or technical SEO. But if it is a new business or you are looking for quick expansion, we suggest you take help from the SEO management Experts.

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